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We have you covered with toolkits, the latest workplace wellbeing reports, wellbeing surveys and more…

The Wellbeing Lab 2020 Workplace Report

The state of wellbeing in Australian workplaces.

This detailed report gives you the latest data on how the wellbeing of Australian workers has been impacted in 2020 post bushfires, economic downturn and COVID19. The research shows where wellbeing sits, what factors are impacting wellbeing and what interventions work well.

The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey

The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey was created for people just like you who want tested, practical ways to improve their wellbeing. The psychological equivalent of a ‘Fitbit’; it’s been designed to help you set, measure and celebrate your wellbeing goals all at the touch of a button.

It’s 100% confidential. And 100% free.

Free e-book:

How to move from Functioning to Flourishing 


Despite your best intentions, finding the time and energy to look after your own wellbeing can be challenging.

This free eBook gives you tested, practical steps for flourishing based on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH theory of wellbeing. It includes an easy-to-apply guide to create small, daily wellbeing habits that can be fitted into even the busiest days.

Programs for You and your Team


Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively, as we navigate the natural ebbs and flows of life. Let’s look beyond fitness, fruit and flu shots to provide your people with a toolkit of small, practical and achievable tools to support their wellbeing.

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Mental Health

Just like physical health problems, mental health problems impact the capability and productivity of your people. Training is available to reduce this impact through better knowledge, confidence and motivation to address mental health problems in the workplace. Both accredited training and custom workshops available to improve the performance of your teams.

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