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Training for Wellbeing

The wellbeing of your staff is pivotal to the success of your organisation.

We assist in leading staff to be happier, more resilient and less reactive – all rewards of better wellbeing.

Our training is based on Professor Martin Seligman’s


p for positive emotions

Positive Emotion

The presence of heartfelt positivity
e for engagement


The development of our strengths
r for relationships


The opportunity for genuine connection
m for meaning


The chance to make a positive difference
a for accomplishment


The ability to achieve things that matter
h for health


Moving, sleeping and eating well

In its simplest form, wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively as we navigate the natural lows and highs we all experience.

Studies have found that when people at work have higher levels of wellbeing they are:

6x in purple circle

more likely to feel engaged

more likely to be more productive

more likely to be satisfied in their jobs

less likely to experience unhealthy days

less likely to burn out

less likely to quit

Organisations that choose to invest in employee wellbeing and have happy and engaged workers experience, on average:

6x in purple circle

fewer safety incidents

lower absenteeism

lower turnover

more likely to be seen as creative and innovative

higher customer ratings

higher over average shareholder return

Data shown above are findings of workplace wellbeing research from Michelle McQuaid

What you can expect

Participants will create their own Wellbeing Roadmap by selecting the actions they want to take forward from the session, setting a way to track their progress, and sharing their commitment with someone, to ensure they have social accountability and the support to make them a reality.

All of our content is tailored and co-created to meet your specific training context and desired outcomes, and we are happy to integrate it into any language or tools your team has been using already.

Always highly engaging and experiential, our workshops are delivered in a manner that is easy to digest, fully referenced, and with practical steps that people can immediately apply.

Mental Health Education and Training will customise training and can include the following:

  • The surprising truth about wellbeing
  • The roadmap for improving wellbeing

We will also explore the small actions your people can take each day as they go about their work to look after their wellbeing.

Together we would experiment with what we can do to:

  • Boost Resilience
  • Develop Strengths
  • Create Better Connections
  • Make Work Meaningful
  • Build Grit
  • Maximize Energy

Wellbeing Programs

Choose from one of our existing wellbeing offerings or co-create to suit your organisational needs.

PERMAH Survey - Measuring the Wellbeing of Your Team

Unlike any survey your people have ever done, the PERMAH Survey will, in less than five minutes, give them their confidential wellbeing results and access to credible and actionable tools. Using their results they choose personal wellbeing goals and their individual report will include wellbeing actions they can immediately implement, arriving directly to their inbox within minutes.

Obtain reliable data and find out how your workplace is doing when it comes to wellbeing, through the PERMAH Organisational Wellbeing survey.

Providing data and guidance to plan your organisation’s wellbeing program. There is no limit to how many people can complete the survey and you will receive a detailed organisational report, perfect for sharing with stakeholders.

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Wellbeing Blueprint

Suitable for a keynote or as part of a larger program. This 20 – 30 minute workshop introduces the PERMAH wellbeing framework. The Wellbeing Blueprint can be delivered in face to face or virtual format.

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6 Ways To Wellbeing

Suitable for a keynote or as part of a larger program. This can be delivered as a 60 – 90 minute workshop, or in it’s extended more interactive form, as a half day. We introduce the PERMAH wellbeing framework, explain why struggle does not define our wellbeing and provide actionable ideas to implement. Six ways to wellbeing can be delivered in face to face or virtual format.

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Wellbeing & Resilience Series

Delivered as a series of 3 x 3.5 hour workshops, or as a full day, this engaging and interactive series allows participants to better understand the research behind PERMAH and to build their wellbeing plan. The Wellbeing and Resilience Series can be delivered in face to face or virtual format.

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Building Psychological Safety

Targeted at people managers, this session shares what psychological hazards exist in the workplace and what is meant by psychological safety. We then provide knowledge and practical tools that managers can begin implementing in your workplace immediately.

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Individual and Small Group Wellbeing Coaching

Using the PERMAH Survey results, guide coachees in understanding their wellbeing results, understanding key elements for behavioural change and providing energy and motivation to invest in their wellbeing.

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