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We work with you to build a psychologically safe work environment.

It is vitally important to nurture and protect your people’s physical and  psychological safety, equally. Let us help skill your people, in better supporting the mental health and wellbeing of both their individual and collective selves, through evidence-based training.

Mental Health Education and Training is a provider of accredited and non-accredited training to assist workplaces in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

We believe when mental health and wellbeing is equally valued alongside physical health and wellbeing, individuals and workplaces thrive.

Education and Training


Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively, as we navigate the natural ebbs and flows of life. Let’s look beyond fitness, fruit and flu shots to provide your people with a toolkit of small, practical and achievable tools to support their wellbeing.

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Mental Health

Just like physical health problems, mental health problems impact the capability and productivity of your people. Training is available to reduce this impact through better knowledge, confidence and motivation to address mental health problems in the workplace. Both accredited training and custom workshops available to improve the performance of your teams.

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Knowing how to help in tough times

As a Human Resources Manager, manager or colleague, you may have already experienced a moment where a fellow employee is experiencing psychological stress. The Mental Health First Aid Course can help your team know how to spot situations where mental health assistance is required, and how to help your workmate to find the help they need.

Useful (and free!) Resources

We offer a suite of useful resources such as downloadable reports, the free and online PERMAH Wellbeing Survey, toolkits, e-books and more...

Evidence based Wellbeing

In its simplest form, wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively as we navigate the natural lows and highs we all experience.

The wellbeing of your staff is pivotal to the success of your organisation.

We assist in leading staff to be happier, more resilient and less reactive – all rewards of better wellbeing.

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