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Here at Mental Health Education and Training, we take an integrated approach to mental health – ensuring your mental health is supported, your wellbeing is nourished, and teaching you how to help others who may need assistance with their own mental health and wellbeing.

Knowledge is power.

In our fast-paced world, it is vital to:

Understand your own personal mental health and wellbeing.

Notice negative changes in others and know how to support them.

Mental Health Education and Training is lead by experienced trainer and Positive psychologist, Nicole Jordan.

Nicole through her passion for helping others to be their best selves, works with organisations using the latest research in positive psychology, wellbeing and mental health.

Nicole is engaging, positive and offers a safe environment for learning and self-development. With a balance of life and career experience, Nicole empowers individuals to create a framework to improve their own personal wellbeing.

During our programs and workshops, MHET:

  • Facilitates individuals to be more aware and active participants in managing their own personal wellbeing,
  • Guiding participants to be better equipped to accurately gauge their own mental health state, and that of others,
  • Teaches the skills that are essential to effectively support a colleague experiencing a mental health problem.

These activities and lessons ensure you feel empowered.

The outcomes are invaluable for not only individuals, but teams and the organisation as a whole.

We know so many individuals want to improve their own wellbeing, as it  ultimately impacts their workplace happiness. That is why we are here to help you facilitate that significant and invaluable change.

nicole jordan

Nicole Jordan

Owner & Principal Facilitator

Mental Health Education and Training is a provider of both accredited and non accredited training to support workplaces in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their people. We believe where mental health and wellbeing is equally valued alongside physical health and wellbeing, individuals and workplaces thrive.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and is a Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Nicole is passionate about sharing the evidence-based tools of positive psychology research to boost individual and collective wellbeing. Supporting organisations to keep their staff engaged, satisfied at work and performing well is her key aim. Improving the psychological safety of work environments, and training staff in not just the technical skills of the job, but skills to build wellbeing at the individual, team and organization level is what she loves.

Nicole’s ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders is backed up with being able to tune in to client’s needs for their unique setting. This ensures a tailor made approach to enhance the delivery and potential outcomes of any given brief.

As a Mother or four teenagers and a fur baby, Nicole understands the pressures of balancing work and family, the challenges of presenting as ‘fit for work’ when there are struggles in life and the importance of self-care and optimising wellbeing.

Top Strengths: Humour. Love of Learning. Perspective. Teamwork. Honesty.

Organisations we have worked with:

Education and Training


Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively, as we navigate the natural ebbs and flows of life. Let’s look beyond fitness, fruit and flu shots to provide your people with a toolkit of small, practical and achievable tools to support their wellbeing.

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Mental Health

Just like physical health problems, mental health problems impact the capability and productivity of your people. Training is available to reduce this impact through better knowledge, confidence and motivation to address mental health problems in the workplace. Both accredited training and custom workshops available to improve the performance of your teams.

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Useful (and free!) Resources

We offer a suite of useful resources such as downloadable reports, the free and online PERMAH Wellbeing Survey, toolkits, e-books and more...

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